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zBoot Manager Installation Examples


Some typical situations are listed below:
Note: if you want to install different OSes from these example, just follow the example with different partition list and boot menu settings. You can get some suggestions by pressing <F1> key when you need.

  1. I just get a new hard disk(40G), and I want to install Windows ME and Linux to it. Also I need a data partition shared between two systems.
    how to...

  2. I currently have two partitions in my hard disk, one is a primary partition C: in which I have installed Windows 98, the other one is dos extended partition in which I have two logic drivers ( D:, E:). Now I want to install Windows 2000 to  D:.
    how to...

  3. My hard disk size is 60G and currently have one partition(10G primary partition) with Windows 2000 and another extended partition(30G) with one logic driver D: for data. Now I want to create another partition ( about 20G) to install Windows XP, and make the D: shared between Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
     how to...

  4. My hard disk has 3 primary partitions, the 1st is NTFS partition installed Windows XP, the 2nd and 3rd are FAT32 LBA partitions. Now I what to install Windows 98 to the 2nd partition and share 3rd partition between Windows XP and Windows 98.
    how to...

  5. My hard disk has two partitions, C: for Windows 98, D: for some data. Since I share my computer with some guests and I have some important data in D:,  I want to Make D: invisible to guests.  So I need two systems: 1. Windows 98 with D:( protected with a password)  2. Windows 98 without D:. I don't actually want to install another OS.
    how to...

  6. I just got a new computer with Windows XP. I have an old hard disk with Windows98 in it. Now I want to add my old hard disk to my new computer as 2nd hard disk and let zBoot Manager to manage it. I'd like to select "Windows XP" or "Windows98" from a boot menu at booting time.
    how to...



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