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zBoot Manager is an effective boot manager and partition manager, which allows you to easily install and use multiple operating systems on a single hard drive. It supports most types of systems such as DOS, 32-bit Windows and Linux, and you won't have to reinstall the system you're using right now. You'll be able to install up to 8 operating systems. It eliminates the need for FDISK and directly setup 32 primary partitions with the built-in utility. Once set-up, the program displays a menu whenever you boot up, you simply select an operating system to run it on your computer. For security, selected systems may be password protected.

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Turns your computer to a multi-boot system in minutes!
Setting up a Multi-boot system with zBoot Manager is as easy as 1,2,3!

     What's new for Version 2.13?
  • Supports the master password, so you can set both of the user password and the master password with this version.

 Key features of zBoot Manager:
    Overall features:
  • Setups up to 8 operating systems independently in one single hard disk, even multiple copies of same operating systems, or only one OS with different partition structure.

  • Hides and un-hide partitions easily.

  • Easily shares partitions among operating systems. i.e. You can have same D:,E:... in Win98 and Win2K to share some data and software.

  • Supports almost all kinds of systems, i.e. DOS, Windows 95/98/SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Linux etc. And it's ready for disk size up to 2T(2000G).

  • Can even boot DOS, Windows98,etc. from the 2nd hard disk. so you can still keep your old hard disk when a new hard disk is added.

  • Uninstaller can remove zBoot Manager from your computer easily and safely. Certainly, only one operating system can be kept after zBoot Manager is removed.

  • Master password protects all zBoot Settings from being modified by unauthorized persons.

  • Intelligent working way, very friendly interface, on-line help(<F1> key), make it very easy for most people to handle.

     Installing zBoot Manager:
  • Automatically configures and adds the current operating system to boot menu. 

  • Installs other OSs without reinstalling current operating system.

  • Directly installs other operating systems to your current logic drivers in the extended partition, or other primary partitions. In other word, if you have C: and D:, E:... you can directly install other Operating Systems in D: and E:...

  • Built-in partition tool to setup up to 32 primary partitions easily and you don't need FDISK any more.

  • Moves partitions among OSs very easily.

  • Flexibly manages partitions, you can reconfigure them at will, even after installed

  • Doesn't need any partition to install zBoot Manager itself and will not reduce your total available disk size.

    Boot Menu:
  • Automatically boots the system you last used or you can set a default operating system.

  • Automatically boots after a tunable delay (1-99 seconds or unlimited).

  • Selected operating systems may be password protected.

  • Sleep mode enables fast boot without displaying the boot menu. Switching operating systems can be done by pressing a Hot Key at booting time.

  • Can be disabled temporarily, just as no boot manager at all. 

  • Boots from other startup devices i.e. floppy disk, CD-ROM by pressing a hot key,

  • Backups and restores your current MBR (Master Boot Record).

  • Saves all zBoot settings to a file and reads them when you need.

  • Many new features are coming!!!.


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