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I just got a new computer with Windows XP. I have an old hard disk with Windows98 in it. Now I want to add my old hard disk to my new computer as 2nd hard disk and let zBoot Manager to manage it. I'd like to select "Windows XP" or "Windows98" from a boot menu at booting time.

Installation steps:

  1. Create a DOS startup floppy disk. If you have one DOS startup floppy disk, skip this step.

    You can use the starting floppy disk of Windows 98/Me etc. If you hard disk is bigger than 8G, you should not use the DOS 6.0 or older version since they can't support the big disk. One easy way to do this is to make a start-up disk from Windows, Control Panel-->Add/Remove Program--> Make startup disk.  You can also download a Windows 98 boot disk here.  Insert a floppy disk to A: and run it , it will automatically create a bootable floppy disk.

  2. Copy ZBOOT.EXE to your startup floppy disk, and restart your computer with that disk. Then run zBoot Manager: A:\>zboot <ENTER>. At this time, it will check your 1st hard disk, and read your current partition information. When you see the Main Menu, use Disk tools->Backup current MBR function to save your current MBR to a file. Obviously, you'd better save it to your floppy disk.

  3. From Main Menu, select "step 1 setup partition list". You can now see your current partition list (Only partitions in the first hard disk can be listed here). Since you don't need to add new partitions at this time, simply press <ESC> to return to Main Menu.

  4. Form Main Menu, select "Step 2 setup zBoot menu". There are three windows here, you can use <TAB> to switch among them. In the first window, you can find a menu item "operating system 1", it is your current system (the one in the 1st hard disk). Press <R> key to rename it to "Windows XP".  The window below will list the partitions of Windows XP at this time. Now, you can add another system.  In the first window, press <INS> to add a new system, input a name "Windows 98".(Because it will boot from the 2nd hard disk). Please DONOT select any partition for it at the panel below). Press <ESC> to return to Main Menu

  5. Form Main Menu, select "Step 3 Install zBoot Manager to hard disk" to actually install it. Then remove your floppy disk and restart your computer. 

  6. You will see a boot menu with two items "Windows XP" and "Windows 98". Enjoy it!!! Certainly, you should plug in your old hard disk as the 2nd hard disk.



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